Team Building and Leadership

Teambuilding, also called team assembly, is the selection and bringing together of different people and the development of skills within the group needed to achieve agreed goals. Consequently, it refers to the phase and planning of team composition. A well thought out team building should build on team members with different skills so that all tasks can be handled with the required knowledge. Another goal is a good working atmosphere created by the assembled members, which increases productivity.


One method of assembling teams is based on the assignment of team roles according to the findings of the Englishman Belbin. During the further development of the team, regular team analyses provide information about the current status and performance. From this, further measures can be derived, such as improving communication or building mutual trust.


For each situation and phase of team building, there are different ways to strengthen team spirit and promote group cohesion. During the discovery phase, measures that allow people to get to know each other better are appropriate. During the dispute phase, methods of conflict management can be trained. Later, subject-specific workshops are conceivable. Actions that strengthen and shape team spirit are also good for a well-established team. After all, good teamwork should still work tomorrow.