Recruiting & Staffing Iniatives

Recruiting, also known as personnel recruitment, is the process of finding and hiring new employees. That sounds simple at first. However, the new employees should of course meet all the professional requirements, have the necessary qualifications, the right soft skills, and ideally also fit into the corporate culture.


The primary goal of personnel recruitment is clearly to hire new qualified employees. In order for recruiters to achieve this goal, a transparent and fair process must be ensured to help find the right candidates based on merit and relevance to the job.


In addition, the goal should be to build a talent pool of suitable candidates that the company can draw on for future positions.


With the help of HR controlling, important KPIs can be defined and measured. The data and key figures collected can be used to pass on information and impulses to the company's decision-makers, with the help of which important, company-wide decisions can be made.